3 mantras of happy living

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3 mantras of happy living

Salil Chaudhary
3 mantras of happy living
We all dream for a happy life, a life full of satisfaction, without anxiety and worries. We all come to work thinking to achieve such life. But when we introspect we find just the opposite. We work hard almost more than 12 hrs a day. But at the end of day we miss our family, children and things which we wish to do. Let us decide what we want to achieve. A beautiful house, nice healthy family, less work more fun, no anxiety etc. So how to achieve such life?.

There are three mantras which everyone must follow to have the above mentioned life:

Proper planning:

Plan your life before marriage itself. Decide how many years you want to work. What are the things you want to have in your life? How much money you want before taking retirement? It is not necessary that you should work till 60yrs. You can decide what you want to do in your life as only earning is not the goal of life. There are other means by which you can retire early and do things which you always wanted to do. For example if you are now 25yrs of age and want to work till 45yrs ,then you must have 1crore in your savings, so that if you do Fix deposit of 1 core, then suppose if you get 10% annual interest you will have 10lacs every year which is sufficient for you to maintain yourself. Do proper written planning with approximate dates and keep it visible for you everyday.

Simple Living:
 This is required for having patience in life. Keep your life very simple. Don’t increase unnecessary gadgets and luxuries. This will block your money. Better to invest even small amount in short term savings. When required such small amount helps a lot. Keep your wants and needs gap very narrow. Needs are necessary things to survive but wants may be unlimited. Just list down those things and minimize them.
Never ever take any Loan. The loan will make your life miserable, full of anxiety and make you afraid of life. If you take a home loan, you are booked for 15-20 yrs to work with fear. And after 15-20yrs you will have only house. But if you invest the EMI amount in a good mutual find, after 7-8 yrs you will able to get a house  and will get good return after 15-20 yrs, Plus stress free life.

Strong Sadhana (practice) of spiritual life:
 The spiritual life is the basic requirement of the soul We are feeding the body, taking care of it but if we neglect the requirement of soul we will not able to survive. The body is dead matter but life is because of presence of soul. The requirement of soul is to get connected with God and doing service for the Lord. So every day 3-4hrs spiritual feeding is compulsory. Wake up early in morning at 4-5am. Chant the names of the Lord, do Aarti, read scriptures like Bhagvad Gita, Bible, Kuran, hear the glories of Lord, Visit temple, asoociate with devotees etc. When you do such activities and go out for work you will not feel stress, anxiety rather you will feel protected.
Try these 3 mantras and you will feel satisfaction in your life. Only thing is patently practice these mantras for some time until you get results.

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