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In the days before the liberalization which brought MNCs and their products to India, the words 'Godrej Fridge' were guaranteed to ensure that a second-hand refrigerator listed for sale would get picked up ahead of any others. At the same time there are still some customers who would not like to part with their 'Godrej Fridge' even after using the same for decades - almost after half a century and I mean it !
Recently, our After-sales-Service Team of Jaipur dropped in an email to the service teams at the rest of the branches. The said email reads verbatim as under :
"There is one customer in Chandigarh who is in love with his 45 year old refrigerator which is called 'Model 7'. To keep the model working, we have to transplant the Door Panel. If any one of you is having the same PDP, please send it to Chandigarh branch. Please reply to this mail even if you do not have the same!"
Our boys in service are not those to put aside saying 'lets not waste time with such strangers and concentrate on runners !'. The response that went from the desk of one Mr. Noshir Gandhi (now retired recently) surprised & tickled one & all. It read -

Dear Jaswinder,

Aapki is amar prem kahani padh ke mujhe ek kavita yaad aayi

Ek jhalak dekhi thi teri
Ootar gayi dil me tasveer
Jivan saath mila tera
To samjoonga ke khool gayi taqdeer

Ab aaj ke is kalyug mein apni beloved ko chahne wala ho to hum HO wale saath na de, yeh to ho hi nahin sakta
Ek PDP maine rakhi thi jo is kardardaan chahne wale ke liye bhej raha hoo (Hamare jane ke baad kumse kum koi hume yaad to karega)

And the team acted promptly. The part was delivered from Mumbai & fitted to the refer in Chandigarh.
The customer’s joy was incomprehensible. All along he was thinking & saying to himself which company on this earth would serve the customer with a spare for a product purchased almost half a century ago ? Its only Godrej, & only Godrej can do such histrionics!

Such stories (at our very own end and most of the time going unnoticed & undocumented) warm the cockles of the heart. This is what keeps us ticking.