The Prisoner that Died

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The Prisoner that Died

Warfare is barbaric by nature. The Mongols were one of the most cruel and blood thirsty war mongers in Asia during the 10th to 13th century. They would often kill, rape and plunder for sheer sadistic joy. Once they told one prisoner, `We are going to kill you in an entertaining way! Lets see how long you take to die when blood slowly drains from your body !'

They tied that prisoner to the wall, made a slight cut in the veins of his forearm and blood began to drain from the cut. The drops of blood made a feeble but unmistakable sound as it fell on the floor. In a few minutes the prisoner was blindfolded. The blood had stopped dripping within a few minutes but the dripping noise was made to continue by using a leaking pot filled with water. The prisoner listening to the sound was convinced he is going to die. He was screaming for mercy. Even though his blood flow had stopped he thought that blood was draining from his body. He grew paler with every passing minute.

`Any moment I am going to die' was his thinking. He imagined hearing the sound of dripping blood while it was only water. He gave up on himself. In a few hours the prisoner died.
The imagination of his blood dripping continuously was sufficient to kill him. The reason for his death was his mere thoughts impacting his feelings and thereby impacting his body that led to his death.

Do you know what happens when you think this way

My luck is not with me. No one loves me. This is too tough for me. Will he leave me and go away? I don't have a strong team. They are much better than us. Its very tiring. Things will never improve. I can never stick to things. I cannot wake up in the mornings. I have tried but I just cannot give up on my bad habits. My boss is so `un co-operative'. My past haunts me. My work is never rewarded nor recognized.

Weak people are ordinary people with weak thoughts. Strong people are ordinary people with powerful thoughts.

How do you describe the uncomfortable situations you face? Do you use weak words and expressions? Do you use strong words and expressions?

It is not the traffic, the mother-in-law, bad luck, climate, tiredness, distance, insufficient resources, lack of attention, stacks against you, or others that lead us to misery. It is the way we describe and define the situations that is the root cause to our misery.

So, if you want to chase away the blues, throw out such words from your everyday vocabulary. You will find you are always happy when you choose the `powerful and positive' words.

Remember, what you think is dripping of blood might just be a trick of your imagination. Experiment with `powerful words and expressions' and see what it does to your life. I am sure you will become a revelation unto yourself.